What is Facial serum for and how is it different from Moisturizer

Are you somewhere in the clouds of confusion when it comes to serums and moisturizers? If I’m already using a moisturizer, why would I need serum now? What is a serum and what’s the big buzz about it? Is it effective? Why are they much expensive compared to moisturizers? Does it mean that I can skip my moisturizer and use only serum?  Well if you have a string of such questions then you’re in the right place. Like a bat out of hell, chop-chop fast is a quality that everyone is looking for these days, from the cars we drive to the laptops we use and so is the character of serum when it comes to the effectiveness of skin care treatments.


The Science Behind Serum

Almost all good serums in the market today are water-based. The lightness of the texture and the intensity of the actives are 2 things that make a serum. A skin serum is not a moisturizer, like a lotion or cream rather, they are highly concentrated formulations that are designed to penetrate into the skin quickly, delivering an intensive dose of ingredients that can address common skin concerns. Serums are highly recommended for anyone who is concerned about ageing, wrinkles, deep cleansing and rejuvenating your skin structure. It’s a really effective way to gain extra anti-ageing effects, more than what you may get from your typical moisturizer and sunscreen.

While the customers are astounded by the wonder a serum could work on their skin in such a small time, the logic behind it is the efficient absorption process due to it's light and easy texture as well as nutritious ingredients that it may carry. This is the biggest difference between a serum and a moisturizer. However, both serum and moisturizer are modelled to serve different purposes. In the time that the serum repairs the skin from a deeper layer the moisturizer carries out its task at the outer layer of your skin, this paves a 2-way repairing process. So, YES you do need a moisturizer along with a serum for a speed-ball result to happen.

Why the price of serum is usually high?

Pricing is another concern when it comes to serums! Why exactly are serums so freaking expensive again? Well, a good serum is usually compacted with high-quality active ingredients of which some have complicated extraction process requires a certain technology, like stem cell extractions and etc., for this reason, serums are sold at higher prices which comes with quality.


3 Perks of Incorporating Serum in Your Skincare Routine

1.     They WORK! Serums are proven to be effective because of the technology and fine components invested in them. Results can be seen as early as a week or two if one simply includes serum into their skincare routine.

2.     It’s a saviour for people with sensitive skin or people who are concerned about incorporating a more natural product into their skincare regime.

3.     Will not leave your skin shining in the edge of oil, even if your skin is oily in nature. This is because the absorption level is efficient, by the time you move on to apply your moisturizer the serum is already well consumed into your skin.

Wrinkles, brown spots and general dullness often start to creep in as the year's tick by. With the emergence of these problems, many women are turning to a skin serum.

It has been always a challenge to find an effective facial serum that can fit your skin type and condition as well as your pocket. But once you find a good serum, then it should not be a matter of over demanding to expect it to overhaul your skin and complexion.

All skin specialists agree on the fact that a high-quality serum can serve your skin like a magic wand. If you are worried about skin ageing problems and or concerned with hydrating and skin shortcomings and looking for a one-stop solution just leave everything to a premium multi-action (combination of serum, toner and lotion). No, it is not an exaggeration! There are ample of serums designed and bottled to serve many purposes from anti-ageing to whitening, scar removing etc. Serums have also evolved to 2/3-in-1 ranges like, moisturizer + serum, toner + serum and more, one such good product is Royal Esènce 3 in 1 Multi-Action Toner, Serum and Lotion. This serum is a bonus because of its 3-in-1 properties in a bottle, enriched with all-natural botanical extracts that activate cellular regeneration and helps prevent premature skin ageing.