Royal Valens™ Qinova
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Direction: Take 1-2 sachets before main meals.

Qinova 14 Days Revitalization Plan is made of curcumin/turmeric powder, lingzhi mushroom, black seed oil, multivitamins and Fucoidan. Fucoidan is a potent antioxidant that derives from Japanese seaweed.  Black seed oil is rich in antioxidants, prevents cell damage under control, aids in digestion and may decrease gas, bloating and stomach pain.  

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10 g x 14 Sachets 

Customer Reviews

It is awesome detox. I have tried many detox products before. Most of them are not effective and the effective ones also give a lot of stomach upset but this Letitgo is a good one. It looks very natural. I recommend it to my friends.

18 April 2019

Such a good bargain. I got one pack. it works very well.

18 April 2019

very good eye cream. It works very well on removing eyebag, puffiness and dark circle.

18 April 2019

This stuff is really awesome for pumping up my stamina. I have one shot before game and can play 2 hours non stop futsal without feeling tired . Great!!

1 April 2019
Sean Ambrose

Very good product compared to the one's in the market. Was a bit skeptical about the effect its gonna have on me, but truth be told IT REALLY WORKS. It help me during the day when i was rushing for work and kept me energize throughout the day. Its easy to consume and you can keep it anywhere. Thanks Dr Esence for introducing me to this wonderful products.

29 March 2019